2019 August 29 Written by Mouza

News: ‘Elite’ Renewed for Season 3

New school term, new mystery. Beautiful young bodies still make out, in ever more surprising combinations, in “Elite” Season 2.

But there are greater depths and ambition to the Netflix Spanish high-school hit, if the first two episodes of Season 2 and a Madrid press conference involving cast and creators are anything to go by.

First details of “Elite” Season 2 come as the series has been renewed for Season 3, Diego Avalos, director of originals in Spain, announced at the Thursday presentation.

Season 2 follows a tried and tested flash forward format. In the first season of “Elite”  someone is murdered. In Season 2, someone goes missing. As the hours tick by – 36 at least by the end of Ep. 2,  – hope of finding them alive plunges dramatically.

That set-up gives the suspense thrust to “Elite” Season 2, the Spanish teen crime/social thriller which, produced once more by Zeta Audiovisual, bows on Netflix worldwide on Sept. 6. [Source]

2020 July 22 Written by Mouza

News: Miguel Bernardeau To Star In Surf Drama ‘Playa Negra’

Narcos producer Gaumont is teaming with producer Grupo Ganga on its first Spanish co-production – a dark surf drama starring Élite’s Miguel Bernardeau.

The company is developing the project, which will be shot on location in the Canary Islands, as an eight-part one-hour drama.

The scripted series, which is being spearheaded by Spanish filmmaker Susana Casares, co-exec producer of Netflix’s Luis Miguel, is a YA drama set in a fishing village on the Spanish island of Lanzarote.

Playa Negra follows newcomer Hugo, played Bernardeau, in his quest to get close to the man he suspects is his father. In the process, he befriends a tight-knit group of teens who dream of making it big in Lanzarote’s competitive surfing scene, and together become unwittingly embroiled in the island’s darkest secrets.

Gaumont’s SVP, Creative Executive, Head of Latin American and Spain Christian Gabela said the show combines a coming-of-age theme with elements of suspense.

“Alongside Susana and Grupo Ganga, we have created a concept that young adult audiences everywhere will identify with as they immerse themselves in not only the beauty of the location and the thrill of the sport but also the complexities facing the characters throughout series,” he added.

Grupo Ganga is best known for producing long-running Spanish drama Remember When (Cuéntame) for TVE.

Grupo Ganga’s CEO Miguel Ángel Bernardeau said, “Playa Negra has all the ingredients to leave a deep impression on an international audience. Lanzarote, an island that we call home, is the most beautiful of all settings, with the power of its waves and volcanic landscape as a source of inspiration. We are creating an unforgettable gallery of characters, in plots where mystery and passion run hand in hand.” [Source]

2021 March 06 Written by Mouza

News: Netflix Renews ‘Elite’ For Season 5

Spanish drama Elite has been renewed for a fifth season at Netflix, and the YA boarding school series has added Argentinan actress Valentina Zenere (Soy Luna) and Brazilan actor André Lamoglia (Juacas) to its cast.

The renewal comes before Season 4 has even premiered on Netflix. Elite, which was created and written by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, is one of the streamer’s best performing Spanish originals, with Netflix noting in 2019 that it had been seen by more than 20 million households.

Described as “effervescent, uninhibited and sensual,” the soapy teen series follows the intrigue at Las Encinas, an exclusive boarding school in Spain. It is made by Zeta Audiovisual, which has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville.

Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas and Georgina Amorós will appear in Season 4, while new cast includes Andrés Velencoso, Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Pol Granch, and Diego Martín. [Source]

2022 December 12 Written by Jasper

Reopening of Miguel Bernardeau Web!

Hello and welcome back to Miguel Bernardeau Web! I would like to thank Mouza for letting me continue this site. I’ve been a fan of Miguel since Elite and I’m excited to be running a site dedicated to him. I have been working on relaunching this site for the last few months, but I couldn’t make it in time to re-open it before his two new shows premiered. So I thought it would be fitting to do it on his birthday. On that note, Feliz cumpleaños to Miguel! Have an amazing day with your loved ones.

The site is back with a whole new look, which is inspired by one of Miguel’s new shows, 1899. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Speaking of, the gallery has been updated with some promotional photos and high-resolution screencaps of Miguel from the first season of 1899! If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. I have also added photos of Miguel attending events from the last two years. Thanks to my friend Emily for all the help!

I’ll be working on completing the gallery over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these new additions. You can follow us on Twitter at @mbernardeaucom and Instagram at @miguelbernardeauweb to keep up with our updates!

2023 September 29 Written by Jasper

Video: ‘Zorro’ Official Teaser

Mediawan Rights has released the first official teaser of Zorro! The series will have a premiere screening at Mipcom on October 15th, with a Q&A session featuring Miguel and co-star Renata Notni.

2023 October 17 Written by Jasper

Miguel Bernardeau Talks ‘Zorro’ with Variety

Before the premiere of Zorro last Sunday at MIPCOM, Miguel spoke with Variety about the show and his preparations for the iconic role. This interview also includes the show’s executive producer Sergio Pizzolante.

Spanish star Miguel Bernardeau can relate to “Zorro.” 

“He has to grow up really fast. He has to decide who he wants to be and he has to do it when still very young. Which also happened to me,” he tells Variety in Cannes before the market premiere of his new show. 

Following the success of “Elite,” Bernardeau has become a household name. But he doesn’t think about it when choosing his roles. 

“I wish it was that simple. Also, I didn’t ‘choose’ this role – I auditioned for it seven times. Before the first one, I found out my grandfather was sick and then it went really badly. But I had this fire in me already, so I kept coming back.”

Mipcom opener “Zorro” is produced by L.A. and Madrid-based Secuoya Studios and directed by Javier Quintas. As reported by Variety, Prime Video has acquired rights for the U.S., Latin America, Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Mediawan Rights is handling other international distribution..

But despite its pedigree, Bernardeau still took his time before committing to the show. 

“It was a difficult decision and a long shoot. At first, I was thinking about Zorro being this iconic character, but I decided to leave it behind. If I was going to do this, I wanted to have fun. And you can’t have fun if you are constantly wondering if you are copying someone else,” he adds. 

“I just saw him as a character I wanted to play. Someone my younger self would surely admire.”

In the show, set in 1834, Diego de la Vega returns to Los Angeles after the murder of his father. A masked assassin named Zorro also died that night. But it is believed that his spirit lives on, waiting for a successor. 

“I like these first episodes. They show how he is becoming a man, discovering all these secrets from the past. He is thinking about where he came from, but also about who he can become, which is something I understand,” he notes, admitting that the gruelling shoot quickly took its toll. 

“It was hard. I actually discovered that action sequences are not that playful. It stopped being fun somewhere around the fifth month,” he jokes. Still, the “fast-paced” version of “Zorro” was something that brought him joy.

“I want to choose projects that make me happy. There are so many shows out there that pretend to be something they are not. Not this one. There is adventure, action and characters that bring so much to the story, but it still has depth and very emotional moments.”

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